Commercial Claims

An insured loss can be devastating to your business, and your livelihood could be at stake, so the professional handling of your insurance claim is critical. Whatever damage you have suffered there will undoubtedly be a host of issues that present themselves- loss of stock, assets, earnings and clients, to name but a few. Bell Green can help you maximise your insurance claim and ensure that you receive the most from your insurance policy entitlements.

Despite the commercial business insurance policies you may have in place and their generous terms, insurance companies are always keen to act in their best interest, which is of course to minimise the amount they pay out to claimants. This is perhaps the most important motivation for seeking the assistance of an independent loss assessor such as Bell Green; to ensure that you secure a significant and accurate payout for any damage to your business or commercial premises.

We will act on your behalf and assess the damage to your property and assets, to ensure that your claim is professionally presented. After the initial assessment of the damage, we will provide your insurance company with proof and documentation of the damage. We will help you gather proof of ownership for your belongings, such as stock, tools or equipment, to make sure your claim covers every aspect of the damage. We will also negotiate an advanced payment from your insurance company to enable your business to continue trading or relocate to temporary premises, if required. We will negotiate further payments for you as the process continues.

Our unbiased approach to commercial insurance claims will ensure that you can get your business back on track as quickly as possible. Businesses of any level or profession are entitled to seek representation from an independent loss assessor and are strongly advised to do so. Not only will we ensure that you receive the maximum payout available, we will take away the burden of processing your claim, leaving you free to continue managing your employees and clients during the period of unrest.

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