Residential Claims

If you are in the unfortunate position of having suffered property damage leading to an insurance claim, Bell Green can help you manage your claim.

Whether you have been a victim of fire damage, flood damage or theft, it is likely to be a distressing time for you and your family. Returning to normality will undoubtedly be your priority, which is where we can help. Our independent services will ensure that your insurance claim is fully managed from start to completion. Our specialist team are well placed to help you achieve the best settlement possible and we have the expertise to ensure that your claim is managed and processed quickly and efficiently.

Bell Green will immediately represent your claim with your insurers and arrange a site meeting as early as possible. Here, we will make a thorough valuation of all losses and damages incurred and assess the entitlements outlined within your policy. We will submit this information to your insurer and negotiate a settlement, managing all the relevant paperwork, reports and other correspondence in the process. We will keep you notified with updates at key points in your claim, so you can focus your attentions on getting back on your feet.

The sooner you can make contact with us, the better. This will ensure that the correct procedures are followed, that you are fairly represented and that we have all the information we need to enable us to make a fast, successful claim on your behalf. However, if you have already begun the claims process, don’t discount professional representation. We can still help you with your claim and assessment, even if you are already in negotiations with your insurer.

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