Don’t get caught out by being underinsured

Whether you or not it or not if you are underinsured this can turn out to be a major headache for you so you should make doubly sure that you have the right amount of cover for your property.

Research by the Association of British Insurers has shown that around 1 in 5 British homes or about 20 % are underinsured. Now  make no mistake this can turn very serious financially in the case of a major catastrophe to your property such as a fire or a flood.

Better to pay the difference now and make sure that your UK property is properly covered rather than wait till it’s too late to find out. If you are unsure as to whether you have the correct cover then you should contact your mortgage company and ask them what level of cover is required for your property , they will be able to give you a figure that you can return to your insurance company with.

Your insurance is usually made up of two parts one covers the building and its structure and the other covers the contents of your home. Recently some insurance companies have been covering properties on a “notional” basis which means that you no longer have to nominate a sum insured but you still need to make sure that your cover is adequate.

Here is a link to an article in the Telegraph newspaper about the consequences of being underinsured we hope that it will make you think twice and remind you to take action today to guarantee that you have the correct insurance cover level.

Where ever your property is based in the UK whether Lancashire, Cumbria or Yorkshire if you do have a catastrophe and need help with your insurance claim then you should call Bell Green Loss Assessors to help with your claim.

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