What is our Fee?

With such a valuable resource, one that could quite literally change your life after a major upheaval, we are sure that many people will wonder, “How much is this service going to cost me?”

We do, of course, charge for our services, but our fees are based on a percentage of the final recovered sum from the insurance company. It is merely a choice of whether you personally believe that the payment of this fee for the proper professional presentation and negotiation of your claim is worthwhile. It is important to remember that in the majority of claims we have represented, the final settlement figure, after payment of our fees, has been far in excess of that which was anticipated at the outset of the claim.

This being the case, there can be absolutely no reason why, especially at this particularly distressing time, you should take on the burden of handling the claim yourself and ultimately increase the threat of putting your most important assets at risk.

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