What is the difference between a loss assessor and a loss adjuster?

If you are unfortunate enough to have a disaster your insurance claim can turn out to be a bit tougher than you may have thought it would be. If you have damage to your property and you take the matter up with your insurance company things may not always turn out to be as simple as you may originally have thought. This is because your insurance company will employ an insurance loss adjuster whose job is to make the payout for your unfortunate insurance claim as small as possible and you may end up with a situation where the payout doesn’t even cover all the damage incurred and this could be a major setback for you financially.

If you find yourself in this situation then you will need the assistance of an insurance loss assessor and our purpose with this article is to explain the difference in the 2 jobs to you the client. The titles sound similar but in fact they are at opposing ends of the negotiating table. As insurance assessors we work for you on your behalf to make sure that, in fact your insurance payout does cover all the damage and that you aren’t left out of pocket after your incident.

 So the crux of this is that there are two different parties to assist two different sides of the insurance claim one for the insurance company and one for the claimant and they are known as loss adjuster and loss assessor I am sure that you can appreciate that if you are left taking on the professional on your own then the result may not always go your way and after all you are the one paying the insurance and so you deserve to get the payout that is rightfully yours.

One of the first things that you need to ask yourself is do you really know all terms of your insurance policy? What  do you need to do immediately after storm damage, fire damage, a pipe has burst or you have been burgled? Are you familiar with cleaning services? Can you deal with this insurance claim all by yourself? If not, then you can hire some professional help and that is where we come in as professional loss assessors we can take on your claim and get you the best result that will ensure that all the damage to your property is covered by the insurance payout. Your insurance company surely will employ a professional loss adjuster to work on their behalf and make no mistake they will work to restrict your claim to the absolute minimum payout.They are insurance policy experts but they work for the opposing side to you and don’t make the mistake of thinking that they are working on your behalf or with your best interests in mind.

Your insurance company will definitely want to minimise your insurance claim as this affects their profits and at the end of the day they are running a business,               

       Your insurance company hires professional assistance and this assistance is known as a loss adjuster. A loss adjuster is employed by your insurance company and  they are assigned to deal with your claim and make the settlement in the lowest possible margin. They are there to cut down your claims and make sure that they are slimmed down to lowest possible amount to make  sure that  the company profits.

          So, to deal with these professionals, you need to seek some professional assistance too and, in this case your professional assistance is known as Bell Green loss assessors. Your Loss assessor will help you make a proper assessment of your damaged property and also if need be the effect of the damage on your business. your loss assessor will understand all the ins and outs of your insurance policy and be able to deal wit your claim in a professional and efficient manner. You may only find visible damage that occurred to your home or business after a thorough audit after the incident has occurred. Our professional eye can assess your property or business  and assess your losses or business interruption etc.

          Hopefully this article will have explained to you the difference between the loss adjuster and the loss assessor and help you make a decision as to whether or not to take on the help of a professional in pursuing your claim.You never can get back what is lost but with the help of a loss assessor you can fight back against their professional loss adjuster and get back as much as possible.

If you do have the unfortunate circumstance of needing to make a claim then call Bell Green now and rest assured that your claim will be managed properly.

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